Diabetes Treatment


Benefits of Herbo Diabecon Capsules :-

  • Controls diabetes
  • Balances the secretion of insulin
  • Increase the efficiency of body and liver cells to use insulin
  • Improves the creation of new beta cells in pancreas
  • Prevents the loss of beta cells by balancing auto beta cells
  • Balances the body blood sugar and cholesterol level
  • Maintains the blood pressure rate to stop high blood pressure
  • Reduces the symptoms and causes of diabetes
  • 100% natural and No side effects


The Treatment of Diabetes : A Soothing and Natural Method to Cure Diabetes

We, Hashmi Pharmacy, offer this diabetes treatment to control diabetes in a natural and safe manner. The medicine fights with the excess blood sugar, increases the immune power and helps the body to stand against the weakness of the diabetes to keep it away from you. The medicine has changed the trends to control the diabetes and gives you freedom from painful insulin injections.
Diabetes, known as diabetes mellitus by doctors, is a group of metabolic diseases in which the blood sugar increases than the required levels and thus suffers from various types of issues. Though, there are many treatment of diabetes available but most of them are just to control the issue by suppressing it using artificial insulin. So, we have crafted this unique herbal treatment for the patients of every age group which genuinely increases the body efficiency to tackle this issue of diabetes.

Know Your Disease :

A wise man once said, ” If you want to kill your enemy, know him.” Same goes with the treatment of diseases. Till you know the symptoms and causes, you can`t get the right treatment. So, it is necessary to know the causes and symptoms of Diabetes.

The Main Reason of Diabetes :-

The diabetes is the reason of irregularities in the normal body activities. These normal issues slowly results in pre diabetes and then turns into the major issue. The increased level of blood sugar results in the decrease in the haemoglobin. The increased level of glucose (blood sugar) happens due to two reasons mainly.
 The inadequate or low level of insulin
• The cells do not use the body insulin properly
Either of the reason or both attributes to the birth of diabetes. The patient faces the problem of frequent urination, increasing thirst, and increased hunger.
Diabetes is the reason of metabolism disorder in the body. Metabolism refers to the complete function of body digestion to energy absorption. The food we intake is broken in to glucose for the body to receive it as an energy and fuel. But the cells do not accept it with the involvement of a type of hormone named insulin. The pancreas produces the adequate amount of insulin to use the complete amount of glucose.
When the pancreas fail to produce the required amount of insulin, or the cells stop accepting the glucose, then the amount of glucose accelerates than the normal level. It results in excess wastage of body glucose or energy in to the urine and body becomes weak even after the intake of energy.


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